Brakes are the number one safety component

Our genuine Mercedes-Benz brakes are perfectly designed and calibrated for your vehicle, so you can always rely on them when braking. Add to this endless bench testing and many thousands of kilometres of test drives – assuring that our genuine brakes are of the highest quality today and in the future.

  • Long lifetime and low wear
  • Outstanding braking performance – even in demanding situations
  • Optimal combination of brake pad friction and brake discs
  • High-quality materials
  • Good heat dissipation

Not every brake is able to withstand maximum stress.

Brake pads and discs get hot as a result of high stress.

This can be dangerous, as it could lead to cracks in the brake discs or the brake pad wearing down completely. You can rely on the premium quality of our genuine Mercedes-Benz brakes.

Possible consequences of fitting lower-quality brakes:

  • Premature loss of stopping power and longer stopping distance
  • Greater wear of parts and the higher vehicle maintenance costs
  • Greater risk to other road users

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