The diesel particulate filter fitted in all Mercedes-Benz Euro VI trucks is good for the environment and your budget.

The Full Service kit means there’s no more need for extra stops off at the service centre to have a genuine replacement part fitted that, kilometre after kilometre, hour after hour, ensures that the engines of Mercedes-Benz Euro VI trucks are reliable and meet the emissions standards stipulated by the law: the diesel particulate filter. However, continuously catching impurities from exhaust gases means that it has to be cleaned. A new diesel particulate filter is always ready to be fitted when the old one is dismantled, meaning minimum downtime for your truck. To assure quick availability, Mercedes-Benz offers fully cleaned diesel particulate filters as part of a revolving replacement system. The most important thing is: “No extra stops are needed for replacement,” says Marie-Christin Ueberfeldt, product manager, who helped to develop the service kit for the diesel particulate filter. Filter cleaning is timed to coincide with your truck’s regular check-up.

The Full Service kit also includes the terminals and gaskets needed to replace the filter, the security seal, and professional fitting work with the same guarantee as a Mercedes-Benz genuine part. By returning used parts, customers themselves are helping to keep prices down. Diesel particulate filters are cleaned using a process patented by Mercedes-Benz, and are thoroughly checked. This guarantees the same quality as a new part. In the manufacturing centre the filter is subjected to a highly-efficient and non-damaging cleansing process, which eliminates almost 100 % of solid particles. The process involves temperatures of less than 100 °C, so there is no damage to the catalytic layer, enabling the filter to be recycled again and again while ensuring full compliance with the legislation. The diesel particulate filter is cleaned so thoroughly as to guarantee low exhaust gas resistance, improving fuel economy. This also means that the filter does not need cleaning so often.

Overall economic performance is optimised even further: due to the high degree of cleanliness for maximum fuel efficiency and long maintenance intervals, which are timed to coincide with other maintenance requirements to ensure minimal service centre downtime; last but not least, the replacement process means that prices are kept low.

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