Minimise downtime and costs through Mercedes-Benz truck maintenance management.

Maintenance management for Mercedes-Benz trucks keeps downtime in your business to a minimum. We use the latest communication technology when organising maintenance work for your Actros or Axor through the FleetBoard® service. Selected service data are logged and evaluated without you needing to visit us with your vehicle. We then use this information to optimise the scope of maintenance. This is an advantage for you: Essential work can be combined, and you can plan your visits to have this work done at a time that suits you. This means you can concentrate on your business and reduce downtime and costs by getting the most use out of your trucks.

In order to use the maintenance management service it is essential that your vehicle has the FleetBoard® service and a Mercedes-Benz service partner must be used. After the transfer of your vehicle’s maintenance data has been approved, those data are logged and evaluated by your Mercedes- Benz service partner. Result: You will receive an optimised meeting schedule and transparent information about prices.

Keep costs and downtime to a minimum

  • You can concentrate on your business and rely on our qualified Mercedes-Benz service technicians.
  • Evaluating maintenance data allows you to make perfect use of the potential performance and longevity of your vehicles.
  • Planning is optimised for your rolling stock.
  • You will receive a qualified quotation and date from Mercedes-Benz customer service without you having to take your vehicle into the service centre.
  • This enables you to increase potential savings through preliminary planning and reducing downtime.

Servicing and uptime

How worn are your brake linings? How many kilometres can the vehicle stay on the road before it is due for its next maintenance? This and more information about components and parts subject to wear in your vehicle is just a click away in the FleetBoard service. This provides preventive maintenance for your vehicle and the best possible way of planning maintenance intervals to enable you to get the most out of your vehicle.

How can parts be replaced?

The service offers the following information, amongst other things:

- Technical condition of vehicle
- Current maintenance for maintenance work
- Service intervals depending on load
- Information about parts and refills subject to wear

Truck maintenance management – you drive, we look after you

- Active maintenance with Mercedes-Benz service
- Service consultants plan and propose service centre appointments
- Maintenance costs and downtime are minimised

Truck remote diagnostics – optimum vehicle availability

- Reactive truck remote diagnostics in the case of a breakdown
- Diagnostic data transmitted to the service centre via the FleetBoard computer centre
- 24-hour technical support by telephone before starting out
- Downtime is minimised

Uptime* provides the following information:

- Electric control units
- Active and stored error codes for Mercedes-Benz remote diagnostics

Cargo truck maintenance management and remote diagnostics

With FleetBoard you can also take advantage of Mercedes-Benz truck maintenance management, which makes matters easier and helps to cut costs and also downtime. Upon request, FleetBoard TiiRec will also regularly send vehicle maintenance data to your Mercedes-Benz service centre.

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