Using the right oil is very important for truck engine performance, service intervals and fuel consumption.


Its smooth protective film reduces mechanical friction, seals the engine, keeps it clean and cool, and protects against corrosion.


Genuine Mercedes-Benz engine oil has exceptional reserves, to enable it to cope with extremes. Its composition is perfectly attuned to the requirements of Mercedes-Benz truck engines.


Ideal oil circulation is maintained even at very high or very low temperatures. Low friction reduces fuel consumption. Engine wear is also much lower. This increases performance and extends engine service intervals, reducing running costs.

Using the right oil is very important for truck engine performance, service intervals and fuel consumption. Nikolaos Savvanis, the Daimler oil specialist, explains why Mercedes-Benz offers its own engine oil and what the production of this oil has in common with Coca-Cola.

Internal values are very important. This is regardless of how closely Nikolaos Savvanis and Karlheinz Hertweck, who is the head of the engine testing centre in Untertürkheim, examine the oil: they cannot tell which the right oil is purely on the basis of how it looks. “The most important thing is whether the oil is suitable for that particular engine,” says Savvanis.

Mr Savvanis, what properties should a good engine oil have?

Savvanis: It must have four main properties. First of all, it has to lubricate enough to minimise mechanical friction. It also has to draw off heat generated by the engine, to cool it, in other words. The seal is also important, e.g. between the cylinder and the piston, which reduces pressure loss as well as leakage of exhaust gas into the sump. The fourth important quality is that the oil must keep the engine clean and free of impurities. It is a special challenge to ensure that our engine works perfectly in the extreme conditions to which engines are often exposed.

How does genuine Mercedes-Benz engine oil meet these requirements?

Savvanis: It always guarantees perfect viscosity, for example. This ensures that the oil film will not be damaged even in extreme conditions, and also enables the oil to circulate perfectly in the engine. This increases the engine’s performance and efficiency and keeps energy losses at a minimum. Tests have shown that compared to standard oils, our high-performance lubricants are able to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, this also significantly reduces wear on the engine, meaning that service intervals are extended. Our engine oils mean that oil needs to be replaced less frequently, resulting in shorter downtimes due to maintenance and therefore lower operating costs.

What does genuine Mercedes-Benz engine oil consist of?

Savvanis: We use only high performance lubricants. The base oil is manufactured using a special synthesis process. This guarantees optimum viscosity at any temperature and optimal flow properties. The base oil is enriched with special active agents. These additives include, for example, antioxidants or agents to protect against wear and corrosion. Dispergent and detergent surfactants are used to prevent engine contamination.

These substances can be found in other lubricants. What makes your engine oil so special?

Savvanis: The most important aspect is the optimal interaction of the components. This is ensured by the high quality and efficiency of genuine Mercedes-Benz engine oil. This special mixture is the result of many years of development and is kept as strictly secret as the recipe for Coca-Cola.

How do I recognise a good engine oil? Are there certain characteristic properties, such as colour or percentage of additives?

Savvanis: You can tell it’s a good oil if you see a star on the bottle. But seriously: there are no universally recognizable features. The most important thing is for the oil to be optimally tuned to the requirements of the engine in question. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz oil is developed by the same team that is in charge of the engines. No one else is better qualified to judge what is the right oil than the people who developed the engine. The result is an engine oil that is the perfect choice for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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