Requirements for using Truck Service Plus

  • the vehicle is not repaired within 48 hours of the opening of the service order
  • for vehicles less than 36 months old from the date of 1st registration, sold in the Czech Republic and with a Truck Service Plus (TSP) package

Services for customers

Replacement vehicle 
Hire of a replacement vehicle for the cut-price rate of 1,000 CZK/day excluding VAT for a maximum of 5 days – (excluding Premid, Toll Collect, etc.)
Lift for the driver to and from the agreed destination.

Service vouchers 
If no vehicle is available for hire during the course of the repair work, compensation will be provided in the form of service vouchers worth 2,500 CZK/day excluding VAT for a maximum of 5 days (max. 12,500 CZK/case) – counting working days only. 
Vouchers can be used to pay for service work or purchase spare parts for cargo trucks within the MB CR service network.

Truck Service Plus cannot be used:

  • following accidents, or damage resulting from outside causes (e.g. collision, impact of a stone, theft), or damage which occurs as a direct or indirect consequence
  • for normal tyre wear and defects, apart from warranty and good-will repairs
  • for damage caused as the result of defects known to the buyer or user and not booked in for repair at an authorised Mercedes-Benz truck service centre, damage caused by poor-quality fuel
  • for damage caused as the result of defects which were originally not the responsibility of AG (e.g. conversions, extensions, tail-lifts, cooling units, radio, mobile phone, trailers, semi-trailers, etc.)
  • for repairs of damage caused by deliberate or gross negligence on the part of the holder, driver or a third party, or resulting from the theft of spare parts
  • for damage caused through participation in motor races or test drives, or resulting from a state of war, internal disturbances, earthquakes, floods, the effects of nuclear energy or other cases of force majeure, or in the event that the repair or procurement of parts is delayed due to incidents of a similar nature
  • for vehicles registered with car hire companies and military vehicles, with the exception of CharterWay vehicles

Service menu

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