Tested air suspension systems produced by competing manufacturers failed to meet the requisite standards – alarmingly so in several cases. Only genuine Mercedes-Benz air suspension offers quality results in every category.

Longer lifetime
Genuine Mercedes-Benz air suspension show a longer lifetime than competing products tested. Reasons: genuine Mercedes-Benz air suspension is made from synthetic rubber, which is extremely resistant to internal and external factors. The special manufacturing processes we use ensure high resistance to cracking, optimal tightness and excellent corrosion protection. Depending on operating conditions, a cargo truck fitted with genuine Mercedes-Benz air suspension is guaranteed mileage ranging from 100 000 to 500 000 km.

Better economy and simpler service
Genuine Mercedes-Benz air suspension lasts for longer. This obviously means it needs replacing less frequently. Our genuine parts offer a double bonus: longer lifetime and fewer visits to the service centre. The standardised assembly precision of genuine Mercedes-Benz air suspension is guaranteed to make them easy and safe to change. This keeps downtime due to service work to a minimum, thus cutting costs.

Improved driving comfort, greater safety
Genuine Mercedes-Benz air suspension not only saves you money, but is also a comfortable choice for the driver and the cargo. Besides ensuring soft suspension, the air system also consistently keeps the natural frequency of the vehicle low - irrespective of the vehicle’s load and driving conditions. The risk of overturning is minimised, assuring maximum stability and a safe journey for your cargo.

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